Technomar & Adrem AS is committed to conserving the environment and it contributes to sustainable development by responsible and transparent decisions on sourcing of material and the disposal of waste.

It is an area that it considers is of the utmost importance and Company policy is regularly examined in a process of continuous improvement.

Our goal is to develop products and services in an increasingly more environmentally friendly manner guided by the principles of continuous improvement.

We take responsibility for the environmental impact of our products, services, and actions.

We are committed to following environmental-related regulations and we develop our environmental policy in accordance with changes in these regulations.

The glue, lacquer, and oil we use in the production are harmless for the environment and health.

We are committed to the sustainability of exotic wood species. By using the latest advancements in wood staining technology on sustainable timbers we are able to offer flooring in different shades resembling many of the rare exotic woods which are being threatened by both ‘legal’ and illegal logging.

We maximize raw materials, look to minimize energy consumption, and use ‘waste’ for packaging and heating our factories and offices. Increasing the level of environmental awareness among our staff, suppliers, and customers are very important to us.

External audits and reviews of our environmental management systems are arranged on a regular basis.


As part of our dedication to excellence and supporting the needs of our customers, Technomar & Adrem has achieved a number of industry recognitions and certifications.

In the year 2000 Technomar & Adrem has been recertified with ISO 9001 Certificate, which is updated every 3 years.

Benefits realized since the introduction of ISO 9001:2008 system:

  • Guarantee of consistent standards in product quality
  • Customer confidence in the performance of the company
  • Increased volume of high technological orders
  • Manufacturing errors decreased to 0.2 % of the output

In the year 2012 Technomar & Adrem has been certified with FSC® Certificate for a period of 5 years.