Plywood Pallet Collars


The plywood collar system is an excellent packaging solution, used worldwide. The collars can be produced with cut-in handles and with a stamped logo. The product is provided with 4 or 6 galvanized steel hinges.

This plywood collar system has many advantages in transporting different goods. Damaged collars or lids can be easily replaced. This modern long lasting system has a collapsible, strong and reliable design. Due do the plywood , collars can be made in various length, width and heights. The initial costs are relatively low and under normal conditions, the packaging will last for more than 12 years. Technomar’s plywood collars are made of heat-treated softwood plywood or Birch plywood. Upon customer’s request, items can be stamped to conform to phytosanitary regulations according to the IPPC. This transporting solution available for shipping worldwide.

Benefits of using pallet collars:

  • Standard method of packaging
  •  Collars and lids are easily repaired
  • Completely customizable in length and width, also wide variety of heights are available.
  •  Long-lasting under normal conditions (12+ years)