TechnoBox Light is like it’s counterpart is sturdy, long lasting and reusable packing case of metal, timber and plywood. Main difference is between the way the top and bottom lids are fixed together. Instead of using metal locking solutions, separate elements are fastened togther by nails, screws or strapping bands. Adjoined wall elements are connected by galvanized metal. Separate walls can be connected using metal joint fasteners or screwed or nailed.

Materials used in box contruction ensure its reliability and sturdiness. Birch plywood is very light, strong and weather resistant, champfered edges make construction very stable. Galvanized metal corners and galvanized joint fasteners provides the strength of a typical cleated plywood box but is lighter and has a smaller outside dimension.

TechnoBox Light can be assembled fast and easy anywhere. It’s shipped unassembled what reduces inbound freight.

Key Features:

  • Durable, long lasting, weather resistant
  • Reduces weight, transportation costs, easy to store and handle
  • Reusable, easy to assemble, disassemble and store for later use
  • Exceptional protection against difficult transport conditions, long term storage and climate changes
  • Compliant with international phytosanitary regulation for wood packaging for export deliveries